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XXIII Photography, a photography service based in Sydney. We are a flexible team capable of providing wedding, fashion and corporate imaging solutions. With many years of experience, a growing clientele, our own sponsor and photography expertise we can deliver high quality photos at a great rate.


Wedding Photography & Videography

So your special day is going to arrive and you're looking for a good team to capture the moment. First of all thanks for digging through this far into my website; now lets get down to business. You've got a one off event that cannot be repeated and you need professionals to come in and capture every moment possible with the best equipment in today's industry. We are one of amongst the finest wedding photographer groups in Sydney and our wedding services are incomparable. 

We offer affordable rates with unlimited photos for all of our clients, a complimentary album if photography bookings exceed 4 hours and complimentary full comprehensive editing with availability for a quick turnover service.

Weddings are a highlight in the business of photography as it gives us an opportunity to light up our passions and consistently keep us on our feet as we capture every key moment you will and wont be aware of. Our team here at XXIII all have foundations of reputable talent in creativity. Each and every one of us exceeds in our own path and combined as a group and a business we are capable of creating amazing art.

To sum it all up you're in good hands with us.

Check out our blog for some of our work!


If you are considering taking us a step further let us come to you to discuss details in regards to your big day. Our XXIII team have planned imaging solutions for all types of weddings but we like to take it one step further and plan the final picture with you. 

The consultation consists of venue analysis to establish strategic points, agenda analysis to synchronise photographers for key moments, customer rapport to fully promote satisfaction, photo checklists, album preferences and a whole lot of professional lingo to keep our quality of service on top. Consultations will come at no expense and we will bring more of our samples for you to view.

Pricing Packages

*Pre-wedding bookings will result in a separate day where artistic photos is taken of the groom and bride.
**Depending on the location of the shoot, travel fees may be necessary.

3 HOURS $610.00 7 HOURS $1423.32
4 HOURS $813.33 8 HOURS $1626.66
5 HOURS $1016.66 ALL DAY $1800.00
6 HOURS $1219.99 PRE-WEDDING SHOOT $350.00
3 HOURS $1400.00 7 HOURS $3675.00
4 HOURS $2100.00 8 HOURS $4200.00
5 HOURS $2625.00 ALL DAY $6000.00
6 HOURS $3150.00 PRE-WEDDING SHOOT $400.00


To make a booking or request a quote please visit our contact link or call us at 0435 553 055. Please allow a 2-3 week notice prior to your event before booking as preparation is required.