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Content Creation

Our content creation service saves you the hassle of thinking twice with your phone camera pictures. Our team are highly positioned creative professionals who are trained to create bespoke products at your disposal. We always proceed forward honouring your visual mindset, a communicative establishment is what we strive to achieve to deliver a finalised product ready for distribution. With a monthly ongoing basis service, you will be able to see your online development grow as time progresses.

 Imperant Co.

Imperant Co.

 Devon Cafe

Devon Cafe

photo pack $250

The photo basic package consists of a dedicated photographer assigned to your business. Our representative will consult with your team to understand what you thoroughly intend to visually portray for your customers to perceive. Each month you will receive one scheduled visit to cover up to 14 photos that will be edited and delivered within three business days.


video pack $450

We have a very low cost acquisition average capping at 0.06 cents per reach on our videos. This package is for the businesses who want to gain some traction within the digital space through a beautiful video loop provided by our creative team to win over your conversions. Drive these along with Facebook Pixel and your website and you will be hitting the exact target market you need. With a minutes worth of footage that can be divided into two or four videos, your online presence will be decorated with the finest visuals the industry can offer.


Our social media management team manages your posts and liaises with our content creation team. We offer general copy that will be reviewed before publishing, if this is not enough quality we have a service upgrade to include a dedicated writer that can sit down and knock out all your posts. Along with this we have an organic social growth service that enters your Instagram account and likes and follows the target market on a daily basis to keep your business in top shape with the profile visitors metric. We generally stay away from posting too much on Facebook unless it is tied with an advertisement budget or you already have a strong organic response.

light core pack $600

Kick start your social media account into gear! Our content creation team will pass through their work for our social management team to publish every Wednesday through to Sunday covering the most important days of the week until the agreed length is over. This program will provide you two scheduled bookings per month to cover photos and videos with the option for any additional extra bookings at only $100 flat rate.

daily core pack $950

This package is only for businesses which are ready to be on phones in their neighborhood consistently everyday and always with new content circulating the demographics and geographics chosen. A great package that ensures that your branding will always be on top through strong advertising campaigns and full throttled organic strategies. Photography and videography will be provided on a high standard basis and access to our social influencer network will be available for collaborations.



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