Automotive Collection

We're proud to introduce onto our website (finally!) our automotive portion of work under the name of Automotive Collection.

What started out as a simple page showcasing the cars that we see on a daily basis has evolved into it's own series of "spotted" cars. Our journey here at XXIII Group is to combine our corporate and business strategies with our in-house media team JETV.

Even the automotive industry has it's own fashion department and we're in the works with Street Works and soon enough Fitted Friday to create a top secret event to be filmed by our crew here at JETV.

Here's one of our first videos featuring DTF101.

If you've ever seen how big an automotive meeting can get, we see the potential of changing up their fashion sense combining our network of streetwear partners and showcase them at meets. It's an opportunity not to be missed and a completely new market to take advantage of.

Next up we spent half an hour collaborating with Street Works to test how efficient we really are with our cameras!

Duey Lam