We visit Nudie Jeans

Let's continue through our journey with a little kick. We're constantly hitting branded names and it's something to appreciate in this adventure. We've travelled to a secret location at Nudie Jeans's new warehouse to witness the procedure of refilling stock for the store. We brought our cameras (duh) and managed to get Bryce to talk to us about their denim culture.

So i'm going to keep the rest of the photos mostly black and white. They had a lot of exclusive stuff not even released to their marketing team yet so if I get in trouble i'll probably get half in trouble at least.

One of the biggest things I took away after meeting the team was how efficient they were with their materials. The recycling process drove money back into their business, investing in salvaging materials to exploit the highest revenue. That's some shit. 

So all of this content was shot about two months ago. Seems I'm shooting more than I'm posting but it just makes sense for me to keep myself in a surplus and also exclusivity is quite fun when you're on the other side. Below is the video that we dropped just yesterday! Enjoy :)