Marinella drops by the store!


Okay so it's been a minute, I've been busy compiling all my creative content and footage to prepare myself for the next step ahead. I've managed to build Street Browser and met almost 500 different fashionably inclined people from all over the world in that one strip. From there it gave me leads into several other businesses being a content creator. Soon enough I sink into a little partnership with a boutique store called Submerge and this is only the beggining.

Now that my efficiency with time has been systemised I present to you a steadier flow of my current progress in this creative industry and a written version of my visual life.

So this website is mainly where XXIII Group resides, we are the slightly more serious side of this creative hub we're growing and we're working right alongside Submerge store to create something new.

We've been given the opportunity to open up an online store for them with our own two faces as representatives of this newly opened store. Currently we've been making strides through all these business woes and things have been steadily growing. A test of our patience and a chance to hone all the skills necessary for a bigger dream to nail down.

To this day we've been working on the floors, cleaning all the draws, fixing up the shoes and being spoilt with the foooood. Also the experience of tearing down an actual store from disassembling the visual merchandise to ripping up the floors.

Duey Lam