Reclaim the Streets Festival

reclaim the streets photo

I got invited to this event by @thekiwibartender because he told me there is going to be a festival on the streets! So I figured why the heck not? I managed to get a few snaps but I was mainly vlogging on the day. Check out my vlog in the link above if you want to see more!

On another note, ever since I started XXIII I've always told myself if you're going to start this as a real business then you must consider it as if it was a child of your own. The only difference I've realised now being two years down the road is that it has become way more than what I expected. I know this blog roll of mine hasn't been utilised to it's fullest potential but everything is about to change. With the constant pressure of not giving into falling back into the 9-5 lifestyle and having a boss, it has been quite the journey and with every day I stay open as a business it just proves that it can be done.

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